Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New home.. Home?? or Hell?? (Continued3)

watchman--bataiye.. kya madad kar sakta hu main aapki?

Suraj--uncle, since how many years u r working over there?

watchman--y r u asking this question beta?

Suraj--plz tell me.. i will answer each n every questions of urs..

watchman--new about 30 yrs.. i have working there since i was young..

Amar--so u must be knowing about the things which r happening over there.. at night time..

watchman--wat things..??

Amar--the lady in red dress, crying sound of her.. n other paranormal things..

Amar n Suraj could clearly spot sweat on watchman's face..

watchman--but y r u asking?

Suraj--we have been experiencing them since we came here.. plz tell us everything u know.. plz help us uncle.. or else we will die there.. agar financial problem na hoti toh kabka ye ghar chor diya hota.. plz help..
Suraj literally began to cry..

Amar consoled Suraj..

watchman--well.. this is story of about 20 years ago.. the whole building belonged to a family.. a joint family.. they were really happy.. but after their son's marriage everything ruined within no time.. i still remember.. his wife was kind of mad.. sometimes she was too aggressive and the next time she was crying like a child over nothing.. dont know wat she did to the happy family.. they used to fight like animals.. son's mother was a peace loving lady.. but after her son's marriage she behaved like wild cat.. everyday she used to beat one of the family member very badly.. same was the case wid others.. they were behaving like they were possessed.. n then one morning, when no one was opening gate of their flat, being suspicious i checked each n every flat.. every member was hanging on fan.. n the wife of son was missing.. dont know what happened to her.. no one knows this.. the flats were cleaned in order to keep this a secret.. after that whoever came to stay there, complained about paranormal stuffs.. the day when lady on the first floor's husband committed suicide, someone slapped me so hard.. i dont know who it was.. thats y i left that place the next day itself..

Amar n Suraj was gazing watchman like if they became a statue.. they were completely stunned to hear this..

Amar--i will kill that landlord! he wanted us to die too?? bloody hell..!!

watchman--u wont be able to do anything kid.. he will be there on ur door step after every month to collect the rent.. if u refuse him, he will deny giving ur deposit's money n he will also threaten u for court case..

Amar--so? we should just stay there until he finds our dead body hanging on ceiling!!?? u have his address? give it to me.. i will see everything..

watchman gave his address to Amar n Suraj.. they just wanted their money back.. by hook or by crook.. they both headed towards his house.. Suraj knocked the door.. landlord opened up.. Both Suraj n Amar decided to stay calm n talk politely to him.. bcoz aggression wud make things worse.. they made him understood abt the problem n asked him to return their deposit.. they do not care about the rent.. but to their surprise, landlord started to shout on them.. he just dint want to return the money..

Amar--u bas****! first of all u tricked us n now ur treating us like this! give our money back.. or else we will have to take some legal action..

landlord--do watever u want to.. i dont care!! now just leave from here.. or else i will call the police..

Suraj calmed Amar n they moved out.. they wanted their money back.. they made a plan on their way back.. they left that place n shifted to dharamshala..

after couple of days, landlord got a call from a group of ppl.. they wanted to take a flat on rent.. they called the landlord near the building.. landlord was busy showing them flats, while he heard a voice, hello mr.. it was Amar..

landlord--wat the hell r u doing here?? guys, dont worry.. he tried to trick me few days ago.. but i came to know abt his plan n now he came here.. wait u.. i will call police right away..

Amar n all guys gave a laugh.. yes.. the group of guys were Amar's friends.. the landlord was trapped.. Amar went near landlord, who looked terrified.. he pulled his collar n took him on 3rd floor, in the flat where he used to stay.. he slapped him, snatched his bag of money n took his cell phone.. Amar locked him in the room.. n kept his cell phone outside the door.. he came down.. Suraj was waiting for him on the building gate.. they thanked all of their college friends for helping them.. their friends left.. landlord's screams were audible.. he was shouting in pain..

Suraj--u still think this is to be done??

Amar--if we left him then he wont leave the innocent one like us.. he was ruining ppl's life for money..

Suraj agreed wid Amar n they both left.. the bag contained nearly double the amount of deposit+rent.. the honest kids gave the rest of the money to the needy watchman..

after 3 days all the major n local newspaper's headline was--a man who was also landlord of the place, found dead, hanging for ceiling.. Reason of death is stated as suicide by the local police.. it is also said by the local public that the building has something paranormal within it.. Due to which whoever stays there, eventually end up hanging from ceiling..

~~~~~THE END~~~~~